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Probate & Estate Planning

Effective planning reduces the risk of facing the difficult probate and estate issues that nearly everyone experiences at some point in their lives.

Estate Planning encompasses such items as:

  • the preparation of living trusts
  • probate avoidance advice
  • Wills
  • life insurance trusts
  • qualified personal residence trusts

We always give careful consideration to the federal estate tax in the implementation of any plan. We are also mindful that business formation and succession planning are integral components of those plans that involve family farms or businesses.

Our experienced handling of estate and trust administration includes probate (if applicable) and termination of trusts.

Property or assets that have not specifically been designated to transfer outside of probate may encounter the probate process, requiring survivors to work with probate court for the proper distribution. This process is often overwhelming when grieving family members encounter it unprepared.

We make every effort to ease clients through the often-lengthy probate process with minimal effort on their end.

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